Cú Chulainn

"Ferdiad" by E. Wallcousins - Charles Squire, Celtic Myths and Legends. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ferdiad.jpg#/media/File:Ferdiad.jpg

15 stone you are
weight bent backwards upon my arms
hair trails in blossoming eddies
life inked against clear; a reflecting sky
bright shining deflects darkening day
water to our waists

‘Scáthach failed you. I failed you
In my succeeding’
This, this cut unveils the core of me
Petals fall to either side
So wounded I see not the amputation

my heart

You, so worthy see not the destiny
My fate to win till three days dawn
And you, fair Ferdiad
A hero’s fall embraced
My fate to want

A different life

Stay my hand
Another word with you, brother
my regret
in serving your imperfection

spear feint
~ same as the other three hundred

and twist
unexpected, novel and
even in death
you recognized: brilliance
how like a mistake it seemed
and you, your counter thrust
which felled armies
failed only once
within my trap
even in your gloaming
you thought, ‘How clever that was
I would have never believed
it, but here
written in steel and blood
your signature
and life’s work
upon me.’

I regret to inform you
of your imperfection
and my overarching perfection

Your fate handed to me
so clear like an arrow to its target
took it
had to
couldn’t stay my hand
twas how: I was made
like birds in flight
or fish in sea
‘twas my pleasure to kill thee.

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