I’m infected
virii passed thru brief contact
a sea creature staked under steel desert sky
a feeling not unlike the swift Mako’s kiss
– sudden, then lingering

You travel in packs, yet oddly solitary
a credit to your insane race
like the first taste of chocolate
melting on ravished lips

I wanted you
and now I simply struggle to forget
the lie I’ve forged of you
a statue rising, piercing sky
a monument to false memory
a sucker’s Las Vegas fantasy
A blue movie starring Nico, and myself
then awake, suddenly, burning of you
dreams of the cool depths forgotten
in the fevered real
before I’m plunged again

I wonder if I would be worthy
to consort with angels
…or swim with sharks
live the fantasy
…or be trapped in the waking dream
should I throw away grace
prostrate myself to my idea of you
or linger unknowing, my fate to want

I wish you resembled something more human
but then again, this less than ideal
I would not want

to be one with you
girl of the ricochet stare
blistered buckskin
maniacal laugh
a punishing kind of love

what I have is of no use to you
what gifts I bring fail to move you
worthy only of your pity
I grasp at what is mine
cut loose the rest
trying only to forget
the swinging doors of paradise