Escape the zoo

Search within
Find the demon that you let in

Make your desperate plans of escape
Pull a “geographic”
Explore alien landscapes

The mind virus is exploring
your interior
Confirming the view that you are inferior
Fuck that! Change it up!
If the glass is half empty – get a new cup!

Angst is not an option if yer over 30
Roll up your sleeves – time to get dirty!

Spend some coin, travel foreign lands
Eat something your taste buds don’t understand

Explore the world, travel around, take stock
Preparation is the key to good luck

Bust a move, speak a foreign tongue
Dive deep, fill up your lungs

Fix what’s ailing you, jailing you
Expand yerself, do what you do for you

Go explore it, it’s a zoo
The next animal you find might be you