Helen of Sparta

Man, a louse

freed fair Helen
In his words:
‘unfaithful beautimous bitch’

sallied and sullied
lover Paris
wanted butch, wanted bush

Helen treed and freed
waved fare-thee-well to hideous
with regret: failed lover
turned to stone and failed
in his regret
turned to avenge
Owning that which he supposedly let go

Helen, fair Helen
Spartan warrior that she is
felled armies, felled hearts
felled her failure:
The heart of Paris
good man
good enough to fall
unable to turn
away from
the launcher of ships

cohort of thousands
dropped the
unscalable wall:
Troy, fearsome flotsam
flailed in surprise
at its taking

dropped sword
at the sight of fair Helen
disrobed before him
unable, unlike the rabble
of cutting down such perfection

‘You, are no longer mine,’ said he
‘I, was never yours,’ said she
a thousand dead heaped against the
raptus of Troy
dread decoration,
apt offering
to goddess, god and king

You, dream of happiness – fleeting
is there any other?
for tragedy: a nation gutted
for feelings: love
honor, jealousy and shame

Helen, fair Helen of Sparta