Careen foe’s wreckage burn arcing cauterized sky
nurse cartilage, bone, meat: remnants of eye
brother Set banished, final cries extend through time, never fade
my loss a gain; my gain a loss

Seizure of combat:
strike and counter
attack and defend
thoughts of distant Hathor
awol, unreachable: no-reply
omniscience lost in her turning away
disapproval, illness, or?
Banish distraction
Hathor’s image rises above engrimaced face:
Set, my brother, my rival
questions of faithlessness
my brother’s priapic carnage
lay waste to what virgins this century brings

Defend against this, my weakness
take stand ‘gainst hesitancy, a pale
leap across vast shadow
erase childhood fears and momeraths
debilitating crippledom and fear

Cradle absence crater
filled with your form
foe defeated, love scorned
moon rising on your dim form
shadow draped over scarred landscape
memory of kisses, more…
echoing against adamantine canyons
enscribed with legend
myth and lore:
of conquests, roar of subjects,
angels, gods

This, this engagement
is not the stuff of legend
myth and lore
this is: your life, my life
enscribe your heroics
blood-dipped pen
writ in scars decorating
your life’s body
revealed to your lover
gone, like lovers, gone.