It’s the real thing


Embrace your insanity
Don’t always do what’s right
in a homogenized marketing world
I ask you, “What are you selling?”

enamored of love
trying to be a man in a world
with few masculine role models
we fight club our way to annihilation
invigorated by our righteousness
empowered by our tragedy
we stomp on third world countries
as if they were actually a “time tested opponent”
relieved in the end that:

what was feared broken was merely bruised
what was trashed was barely used
what was found guilty was merely accused

All only a premiere, a taste of what is to come
Kingdom come
A real tragedy, heartfelt, authentic
and a real response
unlike the thrashing of the world
The ferreting out of an endless disease
The Forever War
It’s all about ka-ching!
And vengeance
and clear objectives
with enemies dressed in black
to keep my dog Nubi safe from rat poison and nuclear attack
where love is absent and romance is dead
when arrayed against a backdrop of a dying dead race

but is it really?

I take up the challenge for the spelunking of the real
the authentic in a starbucks-mickydees-gap world,
I clamber for a trumpeting of love
The guts to say, “I am in love with you,” and mean it.
To say, “I hate you,” and mean it.
To say unequivocally, and without doubt’s shadow
“It’s all going to be okay,” and not lie
To cut up your credit cards and pay cash –
No! Gold bullion. No! Barter. No! Hunting and gathering,
and living off god’s green earth. Yes!
Bypassing starbuck’s drugs, mcdonald’s unhappy meals
and gap fashion nazis

unplug your life
turn off the technicolor nightmare
drink from the zesty and refreshing mountain spring
of authenticity.

It’s the real thing.


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