La Violación de Deianeira


Skin of marble, Heart of rumble

A heart divided

Thoughts: heroes fisticuffs & conquest



Kentauros smell of evergreen & anise

teenage fumblings, desiccated brain

River tumbles: inverted

monstrous deed, lazy eye leaves dreamtime

seeks my god…



Sky of fist: Kentaur down

Herakles from kilometers struck

A mighty heart then none



Throat-singing Kentauros rasps:

‘take this rouge cassis

A philandering stag to heel,

No dog man or god immune’



In the earth exhumed

This phial: the sea

Like waves returning

Your heart to mine

This tunic weaved

Of ambergris, wheat and quartz

Kentaur blood poured to

tear lover from mine

edifice breaker

Crack stone: your heart

sip at marrow forgot:

ocean’s heart engulfing



Invest robe: bronzed hoofs

Bull neck, hairless trunk

Monstrous hands

Like black raven’s wings unfurled

The future: cascading waterfall

off stony cliffs

thunderous finale to a life heroic

in the burning

an avenging flame to cleanse

humanity from inhumanity

A saddened eye through flames

Seek mine



silent commune

rolling thunder speaks: ‘this conclusion

a betrayal for a betrayal


distress for a love divided

Mine for conquests: all conquests

For you, Deianeira, three times betrayed:

kentaur, husband, self

I say this: though this ending foretold

On the point of deliverance

when this burning cup might pass

refusal for a moment with you

What burning flames I walk

I walk for you


Set the pyre afloat now

to a place where no shadow fall

from still waters: no face to reflect,

no body in violation

or small hands to self-betray

do not douse self

In worlds aflame

Yet: go gladly

’cause small hands conveyed’



tend to flames of memory

Though beg to follow

Into seas on fire

But live

’cause if betrayal

is all existing

Then I will

If all existing is memory

Then I will