Lancelot Du Lac

where the she keeps ghosts bay?

restless marauding
dull scythes: weakened flesh

armor: breached
hand: holds the spear
truncated: my own

remember: manicured nails
polished cooed asian women small stature
well being bubbles: endless depth
where is?

dark fallen
recognize: footfalls
muffled: open closing doors

cut phone lines: wire less
whispers ghost: love
blows scent flowers
weaken: gentle blows
memories: armor pierced
wounds: festering
keep ‘way: ’tis contagia, voracious willful brash
lover’s voice
to darkness
to depths.

surrounding ghosts
fight shadows
hand: gone
kingdom: shattered
shield armor: pierced

stone: wet
eyes: wet
warm: in the starry night I cannot see
red or clear?
stone: cold


remember: happy life
remember: smiling face
mirrored mine
remember: dreaming stars
:endless possibilities
remember:  days
endless summers
:smell grass dirt
stare: clouds cumulous:
armored knights astride tall muscular white chargers
tilting: ‘gainst the wind