waiting for my lover
enarmored against me
sheathed in metallic waistcoat
dinner: bloody lamb’s shank
then murder

why do you scheme this?
all I ever did wrong
was to love you.

in the end you only
met my eyes in
reflection pools
shiny katana
mirrored teardrops
and memory

hello lover
what tiny helpless thing
did you kill today?

Am I uglier than your movie stars
measure less the long feline strides
of brazilian supermodels strolling the walk?

despite hydroxycut abs
chiselled tris
and calves so sharp they cut?

that’s all I ever do for you now
inhaled upon sword
entrail droop,
eviserate myself

to remembered lips
that used to say things like:
‘…you are what makes me
realize that music loves a virtuoso’
I loved that false image I had of you.

hair droop vision blurred
by snakes descending
to kiss

I hear your winged steed
the beast that hates me
hates me still
your blade singing from its sheath
freed to free me
come to me in
in muscled strides
lay the groundwork
the justification
assuage the guilt
you won’t feel
for killing me

what a hero.
what a stud.

you fail to realize
fail in your accounting
the ocean between us
the fog
no pegasi can traverse
I hold the only vessel
and I refuse to cross

and in the years of your frustration
when you think upon what might have been
the glory that would be heaped upon you
the accolades you said you didn’t care for
and the feasts of helpless things
even though you finally won
in my loneliness I refused to provision
starving alone on a foreign shore
I had your failure to comfort
and knew when I looked above me
in the scarred sky above
no constellation with your name
would circulate upon my still form
for forever I will love you
even though I cannot expect the same
at least I have small satisfaction
that your heroism is undone
you will age without memories
of a glory sang to kings
and I will lay forever
eyes blind from the luminary burn
a false night to comfort me
before the true night descends.