Maintain the keystone
A rough cloth wiped on engraved rock
Build this house on midnight rides
and suicide

sylvia plath’s roommate
tried to check-out
tried to buy her way to a sensible world
with no-nonsense lead weights
52 white and round
-the menu for lunch
For dinner, they serve charcoal shakes
service in bed, and made her check-in.

Wipe the monolith that make skyscrapers dizzy
Drag the cloth, and pray for rain.

I tell time by the shadows
turning on the sundial of her face
Her expression scatters darkness, stops time
I put a quarter in my palm and say
tap it three times (hold out fist palm down)
One, two, three (open fist, and show that it’s empty)
She says, “I’ve got a better trick.”

The flowers wilt in the noontime sun
shaded by granite shadows

I talk to you, but there’s no answer
I carry you in my arms
I become your nonexistent legs
and you, you are the wind that makes even the mountains cower.
I carry you and stagger
1 step, each day for the rest of my life
Can you count the cracks in the sidewalk?
How many seconds have passed since you were born?
Do you remember the first time you fell down,
the last time you woke up screaming?
(It’s just a dream, go back to sleep)

I carry you and stagger
each step and then?
I walk and count each wave that crashes on the shore
I count each heartbeat since the day I was born:
(hold fist out, palm down, and count) 1, 2…