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“For a hero loves the world till it breaks him” (William Butler Yeats)

Lay open the gape
see what bleeding comes

I laugh in the tiger’s face
dance in the smoldering coals
pride myself on survival
from the fist to the kissed

drag your bones in a pocketful of ashes
caress the club, love what smashes

I chase herizon
with the hair of the one who loved me,
and the scalp of the one who fought me
Mountains fall, make way for the valley’s return
valleys give way to rivers
oceans and shores and mountains rise again

I am dwindle and smack
I touch both sky and ocean
hopeful for the grand reunion
but savage hearts beat weakly
when faced with defeat
I sign terms on the withered vista
The victor breaking promises within earshot
promises thin as the paper they were written on

And when will I see my loved one again?
dreaming of you behind walls made stone
And when will I see you again?
my blushing bride, full of pride?

vows made on fractured plains
hide the tectonic
tsunamis swallow whole what once rose so majestically
‘I loved that which broke me’

separate the fragments, piece together
the broken history, follow the
spoor to what conquers
littering clean high desert plateau what heroes this Century brings

Only this caesura of lies to break the continuity of despair.
A parenthetical aside in a life of passive affections.

I am the broken
the shadow took me
where is that which once inspired?
A prism through which tortured light beams darkly
stains among clear water, the jester’s
painted smile concealing the frigid, the remote

I am cold and sleep eludes me
Where were you when the darkness came?
A back turned, face to warming pastures

Grapple me to sanctuary
What? Where?
and what has been broken cannot be mended
a river runs dry
a ship keeling runs aground on rocky shoals
a bell tolls:
forever…is forever…