Time Squared

Vowed to not write of torturous things
had enough of paths leading nowhere
Liking \ not knowing \ not caring \ if I love you

kick me to the ghetto curb: rockstar
A lesson in knowing my place
stop reaching for the stars
walk on baby, walk on feet of clay

fair skin clothing, thumbprint
firmly placed leaves impression
kind of skin you spank
leave marks
you thought
offering the leather slipper
was a tad extravagant
after second dates
after goodnight kisses,
after goodnight makeout sessions
after tip-tongue imbroglio,
after intercontinental tongulingus
that, or
the roundtrip ticket to NYC
room over-licking Times Square
rough sex, no regrets
That \ to me \ was extravagance
guess I just lose it, pop the cork
dodge the jet
(give you something you’ll regret)
and I know quality when I taste it
Driven to drink,
teetotaling for 10 years
try to keep up,
dig this grave
try to get to the other side
And all the king’s blind men
spandau balleting the trees
could not see the forest for the bees
what will sting, make them shudder
make them laugh and think it’s funny
crying sugary tears of honey
Detached \ to be unattached \ unafraid of
what future becomes what present
with or without you
I’m too wise old to be shattered
hold myself close though fractured
wrapped by sinews, spit and hatred
not destined for “True Love” I’ma guessing
The kind that moviestars, supermodels and rockstars a-gettin’
“True Love”
Like the tune: “just gimme what I ain’t not got”
like credit card travel, Times Square, and I-I-I forgettin’
Oh yeah: rough sex, no regrets.
gimme dat kiss, dat memory
look down \ my lips \ say goodbye
{kick me to the ghetto curb near bye}
Forget fantasy, false memory: hotel rooms, rough sex, no regrets
kick me to the ghetto curb
what do you bet?
bet athousand years, athousand tears
a spanking on the bottom to make you cry
another useless lullaby…