The walls you have built will not protect
your precious cargo
when will you discover
The walls that separate can tumble?
History laughs at permanence

Scale the walls you built so carefully
That both protect and isolate
Dismantled by nameless heroes
their heavy hands

Cripple your will
Let me in
Can you not see
Your fate
Written in star sign?
Writ in blood?

Quantify what brought you this:
Arrogance, vainglory and more?
We are committed
‘gainst our will
To retrieve what will
ultimately be ours
We soldiers of middling rank
prefer easier spoils than to
despoil the best Greece can offer
Her shining crown

Take what can’t be taken
Riven permanence
Squandered embankment of
Will, strength and more
‘gainst enemies external
and now internal
Who betrayed who?

We, the nameless, are here
not to destroy
but to liberate

Hear me, my words hold magic
I spin your future and this Truth:
Your wall will fall

What castle walls must I scale,
What armies must I defeat
To stand before you
And prove your mortality
Your fragility, your fragile humanity
A flickering flame in the wind

Send the best of your heroes
Whose names writ in starlight formations
for future generations to memorialize
of those trod under the hoof of might and right

Send us walls to dismantle, brick by brick
We of no name eat your future
Digest stone
Spit that which you believe is owned entire: we tutor in absolutes